We can’t swim forever (2011)
Recycled materials, polar bears, electronic cake turntables
This kinetic installation made from laser-cut acrylic as well as recycled household materials is a poetic reference to the plight of the polar bear.  It was initially conceived as a window intervention for the Jean Albano Gallery in the fall of 2011 and was exhibited in 2013 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei.
The installation places a miniature population of polar bears into a kinetic display, which references a pastry shop window.  Slowly revolving cake forms created from recycled household objects provide allusions to precarious icebergs of the far north.  Laser-cut acrylic rings that articulate messages such as “Where did the winter go?” and “What if you never see us again?” provide formally interesting shadow plays atop the white forms of the kinetic sculptures.
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